Paweł Dziemian

I was born in Poland in 1983, in 2009 I graduate form Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan/Poland. I accomplished studies on Multimedia Communication Department in Academy of Fine Arts Poznan. Degree in field of Implementation of television picture, video and photography. Diploma completed in Faculty of Intermedia. Thesis titled Constallations of masculinity. New masculine sensitivity was focused on problematics of „crisis of male-hood”(sic), gender in polish context and its aspect in
my practice; including my own term of constallation – which, on contrary to traditional meaning of  installation, incorporates non-material aspects of work, builds web of contexts in its own very specific tensions. Recently I have completed residency in Futura Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague where I was working within lens medias, sculpture and installation on issues of slavonic soul described by self-pity, mysticism and urges. What significant in my body of work is critical approach, which I call Criticism 2.0 to distinguish it from well established artistic strategy of „YPA”. That takes my practice to examine critical ideas on my self, my own body, on Me as a social construct. As I wrote in my artist statement: art as participation, art is act.

More works at:

2012 | Studio Litost vol.2 Futura Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic
2012 | Studio Litost vol.1 Karlin Studios, Futura, Prague, Czech Republic
2010 | Mistresses & Heroines, Sculpture, Protogeneza Arsenal, Białystok
2009 | Ecce Homo MFA Exhibition, Starter Gallery, Poznań
2009 | Atavisms I’ Galleria Grazia Neri, Epson Art Photo Award, Milano, Italy
2009 | F’…lucky day” „Night Shots” Platform Art Center, Vaasa, Finland
2009 | Sronghold of Hate 5th Art Master, Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warszawa
2008 | Atavisms II, Fresh & Polish Budapest Photo Festival, Budapest, Hungary
2008 | We do it with pride, Great Poland, Mediations Biennale, Arsenal, Poznań
2008 | XII Labors of , Biennale of Young Artists, polish representation, BJCEM 2008, Bari, Italy
2008 | Manual Creative Commons (by C.C.A.Warsaw) Four4!Factorial Group Uqbar Project Space, Berlin,Germany
2008 | Atavisms I, Digital Romantic - Neue Lanschaften”, Epson Kunstbetrieb Dusseldorf, Germany
2008 | Atavisms I, Epson Art Photo Award 2007/08 Show, ArtCologne, Koln, Germany
2008 | Gray Matter, prof. Miroslaw Balka’s students exhibition, ON Gallery Poznan, Poland
2007 | Timeless Project’ - Four4!Factorial Group Videomedeja, Novi Sad, Serbia
2007 | Timeless Project’ - Four4!Factorial Group „Kino” Klima Bochenska’s Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2007 | It was my performance”Negentropia”, Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland
2007 | Labour No.5, All saitnt’s” Artist’s Colony - Gdansk Shipyard, Gdansk
2007 | Manual Creative Commons - Four4!Factorial Group Kronika, Bytom, Poland
2007 | Labours of Hercules, Nothing to Wonder at…?, Katerinska Garden/Psychiatric Clinic, Prague, Czech Republic
2007 | XII Labours Of Hercules” 4th Art Master, Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
2007 | According to Diogenes” Miroslaw Balka’s students exhibition, Inner Spaces, Poznan, Poland
2007 | XII Labours of Hercules’ „Nostalgia for the Present” Aula Gallery, Poznan, Poland
2007 | This is a liberal performance” „Bios” performance Festival, Brzezno, Poland
2007 | Timeless 2.0 - Four4!Factorial Group Art Claims Impulse, Berlin, Germany
2007 | Oikoumen, ROG Socialni Center, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2007 | Timeless Lite - Four4!Factorial Group „Histerie und Neurosis” Art Claims Impulse, Berlin, Germany
2007 | Human sweat, Hygiene - prof. Miroslaw Balka’s students exhibition, Inner Space, Poznan, Poland
2007 | Labour No.7, Self-portrait prix exhibition, Regional Museum, Stalowa Wola, Poland
2006 | Video_animals” Menza Pri Koritu, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2006 | Timeless 2.0 - Four4!Factorial Group Dritte Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin, Germany
2006 | Timeless Project, Diesel New Art Exhibition, Betonsalon, Vienna, Austria
2006 | Recycling, prof. Miroslaw Balka’s students exhibition, Piekarnia Studio, Poznan, Poland
2006 | Timeless Project - Four4!Factorial Group” Dartington Gallery, Devon, UK
2006 | LekiNaRaka, prof. Miroslaw Balka’s students exhibition, Piekarnia Studio, Poznan, Poland
2005 | Forever yang, Aula Gallery, Poznan, Poland